Six dishes


On 08.06.2007 the well- known cuisine specialist Ivan Zvezdev and
Mrs. Tony Simidchieva prepared and presented to the clients of Odeon restaurant six dishes which are appropriate even for the most pretentious taste. The guests’ evening passed cheerfully and relaxing- there were also nice surprises from the hosts.
After a precise sorting from the clients, these are the dishes that took a permanent place in our menu:

Ruccola salad with mushrooms and hazelnut dressing
/ Lettuce, shiitake mushrooms, ruccola, hazelnut dressing /
Chicken Mediterranean style
/ Chicken fillet, spinach, crabs, corn- herbal breading /
Veal fillet with mushrooms
/ Veal fillet with edible boletus and spicy side- dish from basmati rise /
Citrus cheesecake with Bailey’s
/ Cocoa biscuit base, covered with fluffy cream from green lemons and orange with a flavour of Irish cream-whiskey Bailey’s /
There will be a special Fish evening with Ivan Zvezdev in the autumn.


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